“Give it to Mikey, he’ll eat anything!”

“Little Mikey” – John Gilchrist.

When an early 1970’s commercial came out featuring a kid named Mikey, guys and gals throughout the country named Mike became the butt of countless jokes.

In the advertisement, two brothers contemplate whether to eat a bowl of Life brand cereal after being told it’s good for them. Both siblings are hesitant. They decide to let younger brother Mikey try it first. The next thing heard is total excitement,

 “He likes it! He likes it!”

From that moment on the infamous 7 words were heard everywhere,

“Give it to Mikey, he’ll eat anything!”

When I was growing up that statement was true. My father expected my brother and me to eat anything and everything on our plate. We’d best heed dad’s rule or else.

There was one food item that never made it down no matter how hard I tried. Liver would only partially enter before escaping through the door it entered. No amount of ketchup or gravy would help. My father was very persistent that I keep trying until mom finally stepped in. These days if you offer me liver I’ll pass. Give it to someone with an iron stomach.

Since my early years, there hasn’t been much I’ve refused to eat. On the flip side, many food items that I crave have been deemed unhealthy.

Eating too many eggs was considered a cholesterol risk. I was okay with that and didn’t give it a second thought. Soon afterwards bacon was considered taboo. The grease in bacon was labeled as artery clogging. Next on the list was whole milk. This stuff supposedly caused calcium buildup in arteries. The healthier alternative was 1% moo juice. You might as well drink water.

Since then, red meat, processed foods, anything made with sugar, high fructose corn syrup, salt, soda-pop, pastries, white bread, along with many other things have joined the roster. The list goes on and on.

I sometimes think back to the health advocate and Grape Nuts cereal spokesperson, Euell Gibbons. If there was ever a person personifying healthy lifestyle it was Euell. He believed in the word natural. Young people these days most likely would not know who Euell Gibbons is.  Let’s just say he was “the” health nut extraordinaire back then.

In spite of Gibbons’ “nutrition expedition”, the man sadly died of a heart attack at age 64. He didn’t know what he missed passing up an Egg McMuffin® over a bowl of cold cereal. Perhaps Gibbons would’ve lived longer had he ate such? Salt does act as a preservation agent.

For the most part I attempt to place stuff in my mouth that’s considered healthy. I don’t get jacked out of shape when I don’t. Brussel sprouts and spinach aren’t going to make me live forever. Nuts won’t either as Mr. Gibbons proved.

“Give it to Mikey, he’ll eat anything!” 

I’ve heard that line a thousand times. Hopefully I’ll hear it a thousand more!

"Give it to Mikey, he'll eat anything!"
My brother Jim holding me (1955).

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