“I’d even accept ruby red ones like George Faust’s if someone gave them to me!”

My ‘poor man’ Oakley’s look identical to the real deal from several feet away.

I’ve always wanted a pair of Oakley sunglasses.  They’re those pricey sunglasses with an O on each side.  They start at a hundred bucks.

I found some lying beside the road once.  They’d been run over and smashed beyond repair.  My luck!

What makes Oakley sunglasses so expensive?  That’s a good question. The cheap sunglasses I buy are around ten bucks each.  They do just fine although lenses seem to easily scratch.  I’ve yet to wear a pair of sunglasses out. I end up losing them way before they fall apart.

I’ve come across several lost sunglasses over the years with all of them being cheapies.  A friend of mine owns a pair of ruby red Oakley’s.  He’s had them forever.   George Faust works as a musician and professional clown in Alaska, so bright colors are in with him.

He told me he’s had people offer him big dollars for his eye-wear since he purchased them 20 years ago. Oakley doesn’t make that model anymore so I assume they’re rare.

I found a way around the expensive price tag on Oakley’s. I’m not talking about stealing them. It was quite by accident that I discovered this brilliant idea.

While at the optometrist both of my eyes were dilated. I hate that!  Afterwards the nurse gave me a pair of what my daughter calls,

“Old Man sunglasses”.

I’m not sure what she means by that statement?  The ones given to me look like any other sunglasses that hip senior citizens wear.

In a desk drawer my wife has some self-stick white circles used to repair holes in notebook paper.  These circles are very close to the oblong O‘s on Oakley’s. I took one and stretched it. That made it perfect.

"I'd even accept ruby red ones like George Faust's if someone gave them to me!"
Available at any office supply store.

Next step was place a self-stick O on each side of my glasses where the hinges are. I seriously doubt folks can tell the difference between my imitation Oakley’s and the real deal.

My wife doesn’t like me wearing them in public but I do. Hopefully sufficient embarrassment will lead her to purchase me an authentic pair.  I’m not counting on such but it’s worth a try.

There are many different Oakley styles.  A pair of black Oakley’s resembling my replicas would be great.  I’d even accept ruby red ones like George Faust’s if someone gave them to me!

"I'd even accept ruby red ones like George Faust's if someone gave them to me!"
George Faust, Alaskan musician and professional clown wearing his distinctive red Oakley’s.

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