Lord help us when that day arrives!

I don’t text for specific reasons. To begin with, my brain doesn’t work fast enough to quickly respond. People would grow disgruntled waiting for my reply.

Secondly, my fingers are bigger than most. That makes for hitting letters on a tiny keyboard a real challenge. There’d be too much chance of misinterpretation, especially if I continuously struck the wrong keys. Because of this, I choose not to use texting as a means of communication.

When email first came out I had problems there as well. Most of my undue stress came from the same mentioned reasons. I can’t respond quickly and trying to type in a hurry only results in errors.

I’ve had friends and family misinterpret what I said in emails because of glitches and typos. They were either offended or incensed in what I was trying to explain. Most everyone has had that happen a time or two.

I began placing smiley faces at the end of sentences to indicate I was joking. Sometimes I got carried away in using them. This led to some folks believing I wasn’t taking things seriously, or in one case, that I was flirting.

Initially I used all caps, because that sped up my response time not having to go from lower key to high. Of course all caps came to be known as shouting. How silly! I’ve never heard printed words say a thing.

I much prefer a personal level of communication, and that involves talking on the telephone. Good luck on finding someone to answer. Usually all I get when I call my kids is their voice mail, with 9 out of 10 times them never checking such. They tell me I should text. I tell them they should answer their phone.

I’m not sure where communication will ultimately end up, but it’s not good. If things keep going the way they are people won’t know how to talk. Mumbling will be the norm. Laugh at me, but take a look at cursive writing. I hear it’s not even taught at some schools. Sad!

The early Egyptians used a form of symbols for communicative purposes. Other countries did as well including China. The Chinese still do. Cavemen were notorious for this type communication.

It seems we’re reverting back to those primitive methods. In some restaurants the choice of food or beverage you want is made by pressing a symbol. Push the one looking like a burger and that’s what you’ll get; hopefully.

The other day I saw colorful graffiti spray painted on a business wall. I couldn’t make heads or tails of it. Evidently it meant something to the person doing the spraying.

I feel there’ll come a day when I see such communication on the rear bumper of a car. Asking the driver what the mumbo jumbo means, he or she will reply with a smile,

“My child is on the honor roll at Harper Valley Elementary!”

Lord help us when that day arrives!

Lord help us when that day arrives!

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