“That word isn’t used anymore!”

The other day my wife was on the phone with our bank for at least 30 minutes. She needed tax information. During a break in conversation I asked how it was going.

“Same ole rigamaroo!”, Joleen quipped.

That’s the first time I’d heard this word in ages.

Rigamaroo crops up in numerous locations. State DMV offices are notorious for being infected with it. Hospital billing services are laden with the virus. I assume it’s a virus because it can be contagious.

Years ago Joleen was dealing with rigamaroo in regards to a credit card bill. There was a charge on there that didn’t belong to us. Getting nowhere with some obnoxious man on the phone, I took over. The rigamaroo only got worse. Getting mouthy at the fellow didn’t help.

Other places where rigamaroo hangs out are airports, courthouses, post offices, and especially ‘return counters’ at certain stores.

Why does rigamaroo exist? Scientists have never explained such. Perhaps a study needs to be done. The world would be a better place without it.

I suppose in Utopia there is no rigamaroo. How do you get to Utopia to begin with? I bet you’d run into extreme rigamaroo trying to get there!

I recently asked a friend if he used the term rigamaroo. Rod thought about it for several seconds before replying.

“That word isn’t used anymore!

I wasn’t sure what Rod meant until he completed his statement.

“It’s been replaced by expletive deleted.”

I personally don’t use Rod’s definition. Something about the taste of soap still lingers.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ll have to watch for the umpteenth time, Forrest Gump.

There’s a highly creative scene in that movie where Forrest runs through a pile of it.

"That word isn't used anymore!"
Infamous scene from “Forrest Gump”.

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