Brain Simplification

“You learned that boy well!”

When Aunt Dora Hankins-Guyton passed away at 99, her mind was sharp as a tack.  For all of Dora’s later years she continued to read; mostly she loved doing crossword puzzles. That’s one of the things she did in order to keep the upper gears turning.

My wife and I bought a couple of supposedly ‘easy’ crossword puzzle books at a grocery store.  We found nothing simple about them.  I suppose intelligent folks like Aunt Dora would have the things completed in days.  We’re still working on them two months later. I’ve threatened to cheat by looking at the answer sheet.  I know my aunt would frown on such.

For me, writing keeps the mind juices flowing.  Spelling and punctuation definitely makes a brain work. If it wasn’t for spell check I’d be looking words up in Webster’s all the time.  The whole writing process has been simplified because of this program. Maybe that’s not good?

Many things in life are now easier.  We no longer have to use checks.  Debit cards take care of withdrawing money.  I remember the hassle of writing a check made out to “cash”.  Along with the check I’d have to present two different ID’s to a bank teller. Even then the clerk might not cash it.

Paying for license plate renewal online is an excellent example of simplified hassle.  Is there anyone who likes going to the DMV?   Simplified life chores are good.  Sometimes they’re not where working our gray matter is concerned.

My wife’s on a 2 week trip and I have to fend for myself.  I just popped a ‘Lean Cuisine’ dinner in the microwave for four minutes. How simple is that! I know what it’ll taste like afterwards. No surprises there!  I’ll spice things up with Tabasco sauce and mustard. It’s a southern thing.

Sometimes I wonder what our loved ones in Heaven eat.  Surely they still like food?  My belief is they’re looking down on us as we go about our daily routines.

I visualize parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends watching as I pour Tabasco sauce and mustard on my eggs.  Somewhere in back of the group a twangy voice rings out,

“You learned that boy well!”

With my wife away for a spell it would be a perfect opportunity to finish my crossword puzzles.  I could have them completed in 15 minutes using the cheat sheet. Doing such won’t learn me anything, but it simplifies the whole book completion process.

I’m about to watch Jeopardy.  That was one of my Aunt’s favorite shows. The good thing about Jeopardy is even if you don’t know the answer to a question, host Alex Trebek will eventually give it to you. In a way it’s like using the cheat sheet on a crossword. The big difference being Trebek is the one cheating.

I’m not sure tuning in to Jeopardy will help me reach 99, but watching the show has learned me bunches. Overall. I believe it makes for good mind simplification!

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