When You Get There

“Would you please call me?”

A distinguished psychology professor at a prestigious west coast college was known for going into religious rants. They were aimed specifically at new students believing in Jesus, the Bible, and Heaven. He hoped to cure them of such meaningless ideology.

“There is no such place as Heaven!”, he told the young audience. “A myth and a fairy tale at its finest!”

Students knew not to challenge the scholarly man’s intellect based upon what they heard through the college grapevine. He had plenty of secular ammunition to fight back with, plus the fellow became downright hostile when confronted.

One semester as attendees listened spellbound to the man’s insults and mockery of God, a transfer student from a college in eastern Kentucky rose to his feet. He began to heartily applaud.

The instructor was appreciative at this young person’s kindly gesture. When the student asked if he might take the podium, the beaming professor told him to go for it. He believed the kid would carry on where he left off.

“Sir, what if I told you I was from Hell?”

The professor thinking such was a joke candidly replied,

“I’d say you’re pulling my leg son because there is no such place!”

The savvy student, seeing that he was leading his prey off a rocky cliff quickly responded,

“But you’re mistaken!”

The whole room went deathly quiet as no one had ever challenged the old man and got away with it.

“Sir no disrespect, but I live in Hell for Certain, Kentucky.”

Beet red in face, neck, and hands the furious professor grabbed his smart phone and Googled the name. He was surprised to find the town listed. Before he could respond the quick witted student continued his spiel.

“So you tell us there’s no Heaven and Hell, yet you didn’t even know there was a Hell for Certain, Kentucky. How do you explain that having a doctorate? If you don’t mind sir, when you get to Hell, and I’m not talking about the town in Kentucky, would you please call me? As a telecommunications major, I’d like to know how those new iPhones hold up to the heat.”

Before leaving the podium, the slick-tongued preacher’s son took one final jab at his instructor’s religious intolerance,

“Class dismissed!”

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