New Phenomenon?

The car turned completely over and landed in middle of the creek.

It seems each week I pick up the latest copy of, The Lamar Democrat, the front page has a photo of either a wrecked car or truck, or one stuck in a ditch. Is this phenomenon something new to Lamar County? I did a bit of research uncovering the following article from a December 14, 1927 issue of the newspaper. Perhaps someone in Vernon still remembers this event?


Car Overturns into Yellow Creek

“It was nothing less than a miracle!”

This was the genera icencus of opinion of those who visited the scene of the wrecked Ford car, which left the bridge and plunged into Yellow Creek at the Turner Water Mill just east of Vernon, on the Vernon-Fayette Road, Saturday night, carrying with it three passengers, a young lady and two men, who escaped with no injury except a ducking in the icy waters of Yellow Creek.

According to a statement of Mr. Knight, of Guin, owner of the wrecked car, he was driving at about twenty-five miles an hour and when he struck the bridge, which is in a bad condition, he lost control. The car turned completely over and landed in middle of the creek.

Assistance was secured and with the aid of W.L. Turner’s tractor the car was removed from the creek Saturday night.


Judging by this article it appears people have been wrecking vehicles in Lamar County since day one. The two things puzzling me most about this story are,

“Exactly who took a ducking and what’s a genera icencus?”

Hey, I don’t make this stuff up!

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