Lt. Ernest B. Rockwell Jr.

“Thank you for your service to our country!”

December 10, 1939. “The Selma Times-Journal”

I put together this collage of archived newspaper clippings on Lt. Ernest Bishop Rockwell Jr. of Selma, Alabama, for Doug Buster and his organization: Cemetery Preservation Group Incorporated.

The collection of articles is designed to show the ease in reconstructing a person’s life even if you don’t like to write.

I only subscribed to this past year finding it’s an invaluable tool for composing historical articles and stories. If the cost of a subscription seems too high, perhaps have your church or local library open an account.

October 13, 1921. “The Selma Times-Journal”. The young boy was named after dad.
December 20, 1927. “The Selma Times-Journal”
May 19, 1935. “The Selma Times-Journal”
Ernest Rockwell Sr. (dad). September 24, 1941 “The Selma Times-Journal”.
July 30, 1943. “The Selma Times-Journal”
July 21, 1944. “The Decatur Daily” – Decatur, Alabama
July 24, 1944. “The Selma Times-Journal”
Continued article from above.
Continued article from above. Sadly, honorary pallbearer Lt. Ned Driggers also of Selma was killed in Normandy, France a little over a year after Lt. Rockwell’s death. Lt. Driggers is buried in a Normandy military cemetery.
The beautiful home in Selma where the Rockwell family once lived. It’s easy to imagine young Ernest and friends scrimmaging in the front and back yards.
Gravestone located at Live Oak Cemetery – Selma, Alabama – WWW.Findagrave.Com

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