I regret telling the officer, “I have a license to speed.”

My Way” was playing on the radio this morning. Everyone should know the tune. It ends with the lyrics, “I did it my way!”

My favorite line in Frank Sinatra’s song is,

Regrets, I’ve had a few. But then again, too few to mention.”

I can relate to that but in a different fashion.

Regrets? I’ve had many. But then again, too many to remember!”

I’ve read a bit on Frank Sinatra’s personal life and it seems he should have more regrets than he claims. Like me, perhaps he forgot some along the way?

My first memorable regret deals with winding my grandparent’s prized clock until it popped. I held that secret for many years. I’m sure they knew who did it. I was around five years old.

I regret trying to take several toys from a daycare stuffed down my shirt. I was caught and mom was embarrassed.

I regret calling some poor kid in daycare,


I regret daring my brother that he couldn’t shoot out a street light with his BB gun. It was obvious who did it because the light was in front of our Selma, Alabama trailer home. He paid the ultimate price for such on account of me. Jim’s butt probably still hurts from the spanking.

I regret touching a stove top just to see if it was hot.

I regret not remembering more stories that my grandparents told me. Unfortunately, they took that part of family history with them.

I regret passing a note my first year in high school and then having it confiscated by the teacher. Having him read out loud that I wanted to start a treasure finding club was most embarrassing to me.

I regret picking up the assistant manager of a store I worked for and tossing him into a pile of cardboard boxes. Alan wasn’t hurt but I suffered the consequences for my misguided actions. I was relieved of my duties as day stocker and assigned to nights.

I regret not becoming a fireman after I’d passed all the tests. I elected not to pursue this career because my best friend, Jeff Thimsen, was turned down for wearing glasses. Who knows, although highly unlikely, there’s a slim chance I might’ve ended up on one of those firemen calendars?

I regret not having told my parents that I loved them more often.

I regret telling the officer,

“I have a license to speed.”

I regret selling my 1968 Dodge Charger.

I regret listening to a financial adviser who warned me not to buy Chrysler stock at $5.00 a share. Two years later it was $30.00 and eventually split.

I regret pushing the watercraft lever into reverse while doing 50 just to see what would happen.

I regret not spending more time with my children before they left home.

I regret not purchasing additional, Bill O’Reilly, USA STRONG tee-shirts. They no longer make them.

Most of all, I regret doing things my way when I should’ve done them God’s way.

Author: michaeldexterhankins

ordinary average guy

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