“Facebook drama makes you frown?”

Covid-19 got you down?

Social distant from your pals?

Facebook drama makes you frown?

Seems like you’re about to drown?


Financial blues, grab at throat.

Feels like you’re about to choke?

Bills to pay, the money’s gone.

No job as well, what went wrong?


Take a deep breath, gaze around.

God has this, he wears the crown.

Things seem tough, he’ll see us through.

Look to him, he’s watching you.


Wars and turmoil in the past.

Those bad things, they didn’t last.

Spanish flu. Great Depression.

All of them, mere life lessons.


Covid-19 is the same.

No one person, should we blame.

Bow your head and this proclaim,

“I’ll make it through, in Jesus’ name.”

Author: michaeldexterhankins

ordinary average guy

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