“My opponent had stuffed the ballot box!”

There are cheaters everywhere in life. Most everyone has bumped into one or more of these unscrupulous characters over time. I’ve encountered my share.

There’s even a reality television show called, Cheaters. The overly dramatic show deals with love relationships gone sour. It’s not what I’d call uplifting entertainment.

It seems cheaters are most prevalent in sports. There are so many documented instances of cheating in baseball, football, and automobile racing alone, that books could be written on the subject.

My favorite example of cheating comes from the late Chrysler CEO, Lee Iacocca’s book, IACOCCA – AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY.

The savvy businessman tells a story about his early life, that in my opinion relates to what’s happening in our current presidential election.

I’ve included several paragraphs that tell the full story. I believe this incident played a part in Lee Iacocca not entering politics.


Looking back now, I remember certain episodes from my childhood that forced me to reckon with how the adult world operated. When I was in the sixth grade, there was an election for captain of the student patrol. The patrolmen all wore white belts with a silver badge, but the lieutenant and the captain got to wear special uniforms with special badges. In grade school, the captain of the student patrol was the equivalent of the high school quarterback. I loved the idea of wearing that uniform, and I was determined to be the captain.

When the vote came in, I had lost to another kid by a margin of twenty-two to twenty. I was bitterly disappointed. The following day I was at a Saturday matinee at the local theater, where we used to see Tom Mix movies.

In the row ahead of me sat the biggest kid in our class. He turned around and saw me. “You dumb wop,” he said. “You lost the election.”

“I know,” I said. “But why are you calling me a dummy?”

“Because,” he said. “There are only thirty-eight kids in the class. But forty-two voted. Can’t you dagos even count?”

My opponent had stuffed the ballot box! I went to the teacher and told her that some students voted twice.

“Let’s leave well enough alone,” she said to me. She covered it up. She didn’t want any scandals. That incident had a profound effect on me. It was my first dramatic lesson that life wasn’t always going to be fair.


For the past several years, underhanded Democrat politicians have fraudulently been playing the same cheating game that Lee Iacocca incurred in grade school. To put it bluntly, they’ve attempted to make it easy for most anyone or anything to vote. They don’t care if a voter is a legal resident of the United States, or a felon criminal. Under the Democrat plan, ballots from hardened pedophiles would be most welcome.

The last few days have shown us corruption in the counting of ballots akin to what Lee Iacocca viewed as a child. Votes for Democrat politicians from people that died, Republican ballots not counted, more ballots coming in than sent out, ballots lost, and ballots seemingly coming from outer space.

I saw this coming years ago. Many other informed and open-minded citizens did as well; President Trump and his team especially so.

There are some leftist politicians and liberal news people now calling for President Trump to concede. These folks are of the same spineless moral fiber as Lee Iacocca’s teacher. To them, a win is a win no matter how unlawful it came to be.

Thankfully, President Donald Trump, and millions of his constituents are solidly against him tossing in the towel. They stand firmly behind the man and are ready to fight.

I expect Joe Biden to ultimately come out on top where total bogus numbers are concerned. The old saying, “Figures lie and liars figure!” definitely rings true here.

Ultimately, I believe this presidential election will be decided by the United States Supreme Court. I have a good feeling regarding the outcome. Thankfully, Trumps legitimate victory won’t be swept under a rug like Mr. Iacocca’s childhood victory was.

I venture to say that if a Donald Trump had been in Lee Iacocca’s shoes in sixth grade, he would’ve ended up wearing that Captain’s uniform with special badge!

Author: michaeldexterhankins

ordinary average guy

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