“Will the 8th grade reading level of 2021 be equivalent to 4th grade in 2054?”

According to statistics, the average reading level for an American citizen is 8th grade. That might’ve been acceptable in 1954. Today, 8th grade reading level is equivalent to 6th grade back then. Using the word statistics in a piece of literature should now be avoided at all cost. This will eliminate confusion for the modern day student. My opening line to this statement should’ve read, “According to some numbers,

It’s sad that this generation has pushed books aside for other venues. Education experts tell us a majority of students now do their reading online. Yea, I believe that like a hole in my head.

I’m not sure what reading level I’m at? Most likely 8th grade based upon 1964 guidelines. Along the way, I’ve picked up books where a writer tried to impress me by using big words. I believe some authors do that to show their superior intelligence.

Whenever I come across a book chocked full of complex words I shove it aside. There’s no way I’m about to read something while having to thumb through Webster’s at the same time.

According to another study, newspapers are written at an 11th grade level. I have no problem reading our local paper. Of course, 11th grade reading level now is equivalent to 8th grade back in the day. Our newspaper articles fit my reading comprehension level to perfection.

As a writer, I deliberately add typos, misspelled words, and archaic sentence structure to make today’s reader feel more at home. There’s nothing more belittling in my opinion, than to struggle through an article perfect in English composition.

Misspelled words can be a blessing to some folks. I substitute flim in place of phlegm when writing about medical issues.

Wednesday should be replaced by Winsday. That’s a no brainer.

Leave the l out of salmon for goodness sake. It doesn’t belong there!

Lingerie should be spelled lawngiray. We aren’t from France.

Suttle is definitely more understandable than subtle.

Kernel and colonel sound exactly the same. Let’s just go with the k version. Kernel Sanders sounds perfectly fine.

My list of such words is a mile long.

I don’t like using the word, composition, in describing literary structure, as it can be confusing to some. Putting stuff together is much more simplistic to understand.

Other examples of changes I make are:

Instead of inferior quality, I like to say Jerry-rigged. This is most likely an insult to the Jerry’s of this world. I’m not politically correct. I’ll continue using the slur. Someone undoubtedly down the road will have this statement labeled as hate.

Where will the average U.S. reading level be in another 33 years?

Will the 8th grade reading level of 2021 be equivalent to 4th grade in 2054?

Hopefully things don’t go that low but you never know. Should that happen, fifth graders would just be finishing about the exploits of Dick & Jane. That’s a scary thought!

“Help! Help! Run, Spot, Run!”

He better run as fast as he can if he knows what’s good for him. Puff too!

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