“I’m thankful my parents didn’t believe that polio and smallpox shots were acts of government overreach. “

I have friends on each side of the fence, with valid opinions on whether masks work or not where covid and omicron protection is concerned. None of them are experts on the subject. Those same friends have their own ideas regarding vaccinations. Most, if not all, get their information via television screens, reading books and magazines, neighbors, or through Facebook and YouTube selfproclaimed experts.

It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that if masks didn’t work, doctors and nurses wouldn’t use them. Are they 100% effective at stopping germs? No, but it doesn’t take Albert Einstein to see that some protection is better than none. How about vaccinations? I’m thankful my parents didn’t believe that polio and smallpox shots were acts of government overreach. Partially due to Dad and Mom’s wise medical decisions early on, I’ve lived a healthy disease-free life up to this point.

Imagine being in a sinking boat with 999 other people. All passengers have an empty milk jug to help bail water, yet each jug has a small hole in the bottom. Two-hundred people right off the bat refuse to bail when asked to, saying that it infringes on their freedom. They sit back taunting those doing the bailing.

No matter how fast the others bail, a small amount of water still escapes from their jug back into the bottom of the boat. In spite of such, the vessel’s still afloat and headed to safe harbor.

Before long, many people start complaining about the jugs not being 100% effective. They see it as wasted energy on their part to continue. The freedom crowd cheers them on. This do-nothing group works hard at persuading folks to drop their milk jugs and join the carefree party.

Hours later, the ones still continuing to bail can’t keep up. Water eventually reaches the top of the hull and the boat sinks. That’s exactly where this country is headed in areas of infectious viruses like covid and omicron.

I’ll end my New Year’s eve spiel with a line from famous American philosopher, Forrest Gump,

Stupid is as stupid does!”

Referring back to my hypothetical story of the sinking boat, it’s quite easy to see who the stupid ones are.

Stupid is as stupid does!”

Author: michaeldexterhankins

ordinary average guy

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