“A trip to the grocery store doesn’t warrant taking my expensive shoes down from their perch.”

Mephisto Barracuda

I’m not a shoe aficionado like some guys. I wasn’t born or raised in Southern California so that probably explains why. A shoe to me has to look good and be reasonably priced, nothing more. Foot Locker is where I purchase my sandals; online of course. Foot Locker is an offspring of defunct, Kinney Shoes.

Not to sidetrack anyone, but I’ve been told by more than one person that sandals aren’t shoes, just the same as boots aren’t shoes. I didn’t argue the point because who really cares.

Lately, sandals are all that I wear in this town. My sandals are always worn with socks. That’s a style made popular by older Havasu residents, especially snowbirds. I prefer white Nike socks over lime green or canary yellow ones. Generally, only Minnesota visitors sport those two colors.

Years ago, I had foot problems, with a podiatrist informing me that my arches were falling. I call this, LBS, short for London Bridge Syndrome, an inside joke of course. You have to know the song to snag the humor.

My daughter was attending college and selling shoes part-time at Nordstrom eons ago. For those not recognizing this store, it’s a higher end retail establishment much like Dillard’s. Asking Miranda what shoe should I get for walking and arch support, she suggested a Mephisto Barracuda. I hadn’t heard of the brand. Seeing a price of $189.00 on the bottom made me wince.

I never paid more than $49.00 at Foot Locker for shoes and even that seemed high. Miranda insisted I take the plunge, and if I didn’t like them, Nordstrom would refund my money.

I’ve had those Mephisto’s going on 25 years now and they still look brand new, at least in my eyes they do. They’ve been to weddings, funerals, Hawaii timeshare seminars, and “Out on the Town” events. Out on the town events for me include trips to local restaurants, generally for birthday celebrations. The Barracudas are much too nice for everyday use.

Should my wife inform me that we’re going someplace, I often ask, “Is it a Mephisto worthy occasion?” That’s another inside joke of course. An excursion to the grocery store doesn’t warrant taking my expensive shoes down from their perch.

I believe those brown leather oxfords will last a lifetime. Are they burial worthy? That’s a question I recently asked myself. An equivalent Mephisto Barracuda now sells for $388.00 at Zappo’s. A bit rich to be planting in the ground, don’t you think?

I’m sure some serious shoe guy would be interested in my classic footwear. I’d only give them to a family member or friend that’s truly appreciative of where they’ve been. That alone makes them virtually priceless to me. My Mephisto’s have walked on some very sacred floors. To name a few:

Hussong’s, Bob’s Big Boy and Uncle Kenny’s, all former eateries of Lake Havasu City. Carriage Crossing Restaurant & Bakery in Yoder, Kansas, Double Musky Inn, at Girdwood, Alaska, Urban Egg in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and last but not least, Royal Fork Buffet and The Bagel Factory restaurant in Anchorage, Alaska.

I suppose in due time I’ll donate them to a worthy cause. The Hospice of Havasu Retail Store in London Bridge Shopping Center is my favorite. Like two parrots sitting in a cage, it’d be nice to see my Barracudas proudly perched inside their fancy glass display case.

Oh, if only those shoes could talk!

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