“Casper the Friendly Ghost” qualifies as an old white guy.”

Casper – 1938

I qualify as an Old White Guy. I believe the official age of entry is 65. Some folks love to literally flog us for what’s wrong with this country. I’ve always been told that people accusing others of problems are generally the guilty party. Adolf Hitler pinpointed Jews for creating a financial dilemma in Germany during years leading up to WWII. Citizens agreed with such until finally seeing the light.

That’s as far as I’ll take things.

Most all of my pals are old white guys. I have several old black guy friends as well, Isaiah Lewis being the oldest. I learned a lot, mechanically speaking, from being under his apprenticeship. We had good times working together. Lewis and I could talk “race” issues and never get in an argument. Lawrence Everett was the same.

Unfortunately, Lawrence died only a couple of years after retiring. I miss chatting with them both. I won’t discuss race with anyone that I don’t know these days, because it ultimately leads to wrongly being labeled a racist.

That’s as far as I’ll take things.

“Casper the Friendly Ghost” qualifies as an old white guy. He was born in 1938, thus making him 84 years old. I’ve never heard any bad said against the guy. As far as I know, Casper never caused harm or trouble to anyone.

If any of the old white guys I hang out with helped create any single problem for this country, it’d be holding down jobs too long. They prevented others from swiftly moving up, as young ladder climbers often expect.

Perhaps the biggest dilemma in this happening, was that companies, agencies, and institutions weren’t able to adequately fill shoes once the se guys departed. I know some fellows, that after leaving, several workers were then needed to do the job.

I suppose if there’s a specific old white guy for me to emulate, it’d be Abraham Lincoln. On the flip side of things, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be my old black guy peer. If Dr. King was still alive, he’d be 93 years old. Something tells me had he not been assassinated he’d still be kicking.

Abraham Lincoln on the other hand would be 213. Even with advances in modern medicine, it’d be a miracle that he’d be breathing even if John Wilkes Booth hadn’t got to him.

“Casper the Friendly Ghost” will live on, and undoubtedly be accepted by ALL for years to come. That is of course, unless he decides to take a specific political affiliation. Should Casper choose the wrong side, let the flogging begin.

That’s as far as I’ll take things.

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