“Being attached to an umbilical cord in a mother’s womb is the first level of assisted living.”

A good friend once remarked, “I’d rather die than go to assisted living!” I wanted to inform him that he’s been on assisted living since day one. I held off, knowing that’d spark an argument. This individual loves to argue at the drop of a hat.

Being attached to an umbilical cord in a mother’s womb is the first level of assisted living. Without that early life support, my buddy, nor anyone else in this world would be here.

The air we breathe and water we drink are key ingredients in an assisted living recipe. So is the food sliding down our throats. Had I told this person such he would’ve scoffed at my ideology, saying that isn’t the type of assisted living he referred to. My short spiel would continue, nonetheless.

Automobiles transporting us from place to place, along with homes to live in are other venues of assisted living. Without them, we could survive, but life would be tough.

Medical help is another assisted living component. My friend sees multiple doctors all the time. He’s on blood pressure medication and cholesterol pills as well, including three or four other prescriptions. Those items are essential help mates in keeping his body functioning and mobile. A simple cane carried by many seniors does the same.

Anyone telling me they’d rather die than go on assisted living doesn’t have a clue. Next time my friend mentions this I have a good response,

“You’re already there pal, whether you like it or not!”

Assisted living

Author: michaeldexterhankins

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