“I promised myself I’d leave politics out of this.”

note: this story is being used as the ending to my latest book

A while back, I overheard a stranger say she’d been terribly offended by another person’s statement. There appeared to be tears in the woman’s eyes. I didn’t catch the whole conversation, so I had to leave things to my imagination.

Most likely, the offensive remark had something to do with social media. Perhaps someone expressed a differing political or religious opinion on Facebook or Twitter. That happens every five seconds give or take a second.

I’ve offended a person a time or two simply by voicing my thoughts, when in fact, they probably should have been kept under wraps. It happens, especially when you’re a writer. Several times I’ve had to apologize to friends and family over such.

I was defriended on Facebook by one individual regarding my viewpoints on politics. To me, it was silly, but evidently to the person opting me out it was much more serious. Not to be offensive, but thin skinned comes to mind here. The guy evidently needed to stop using lotion.

Hey, I should’ve been offended at times, yet the intended insults went flying directly over my head instead. Only after friends rehashed things did I finally see the light. One such remark has already been mentioned in this book.

It deals with an old truck I built, where I turned a guy’s slam into a compliment. The other one that I recall, regards a long beard that I wore for a couple of years. Initially, I took the negative statement as meaning they were jealous. It wasn’t until much later that this person told me the truth. They absolutely despised it. No harm done. I’m still alive and so are they.

It seems there’s an organized group of people throughout the United States, wanting to muffle anyone both verbally and literally, who disagree with their way of thinking. I promised myself I’d leave politics out of this. Hollywood elite are the loudest of the loud here. That’s only because they get radio and television coverage to express their viewpoints.

I’ll finish my life by not holding back on opinions, unless it’s Facebook of course. I told my daughter I’d bite my tongue before doing that. A couple of times I’ve slipped and thankfully she didn’t catch me.

Something needs to be done for those poor souls so easily offended and I believe there’s an answer. Hospitals should start construction of offended wards.

Whenever a person becomes highly offended like that man I encountered, they, or someone close to them, should immediately call for emergency help. Strapped to a gurney in an ambulance, they’d be quickly whisked away. A giant, open box of Kleenex’s at one of these wards would comfort the patient, along with trained therapy counselors.

Seem farfetched? Check back with me in 2055 and we’ll see if such becomes reality. Why 2055 you ask? That’s when I turn 101, the same number as there are stories in this book, and hopefully, the same number of books that sell by then.

Should you ever come to one of my birthday parties, and bring plaid pants and shirt, including red suspenders as gifts, call for an ambulance right away. Have it whisk me straight to “The Offended Ward” without stopping.

An ambulance responds to the scene of an offended person.

Author: michaeldexterhankins

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