“It’s not fair!”

Because of growing tensions, by 2030, the United States is divided into two separate entities. Socialists, or Democrats live in one half of each 50 states, while Capitalists, or Republicans make up the other. A stipulation put to citizens beforehand was that whatever side was picked, they, along with children and grandchildren, will remain there indefinitely. Relocating was not a choice.

By 2035, Capital Heights is flourishing. Things were actually great at the start, because most intelligent people in the United States decided this was the best place to be. Small groups of immigrants from other countries are being courteously vetted and allowed in via organized procedure.

Jobs are plentiful and newcomers are happy to start at the bottom, realizing that they can work their way up. Food is plentiful made possible by supplemental gardens and fruit orchards. There’s a surplus monetary supply thanks to conservative leadership. Crime is almost nonexistent due to sufficient police.

Over in Socialville, things aren’t exactly the same. With political leaders promising to hand out free stuff in order to get folks on their side, those looking merely for handouts drifted that direction. Undocumented aliens and criminals not wanting to earn a living crossed unchecked borders like pirates on a mission. Water is scarce including food. Drugs and drug pedaling runs rampant.

So many sickly residents live within, that understaffed hospitals can’t take care of them all. Topnotch medical care is nonexistent, because the majority of well-educated doctors and nurses elected to go capitalist. Abortion clinics and methadone dispensaries flourish.

Instead of subsistence gardens and orchards being planted, weed is the number one crop in Socialville. Medicinal and recreational users lay around like driftwood waiting for the next tide to arrive. A few menial jobs are available, but people don’t commit. Why work when the government hands out bigger checks for doing nothing. Businesses go under at a rate never before seen in American history. Crime is off the scale.

Come 2050, Socialville has been reduced to that of a third world country. Residents angrily glare across state borders, complaining that they don’t have what the capitalists have. They fail to remember that they voluntarily reduced themselves to have not status. Now, looking for political or government assistance, there is none to be found. The cookie jar is empty. Their brainless leaders have left the building.

Across the border in Kansas, a child trapped in Socialville cries out to another youngster on the other side,

“It’s not fair!”

The Capital Heights resident thinks for several seconds before yelling back,

“Blame your parents. They put you there!

Author: michaeldexterhankins

ordinary average guy

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