“Kathy Lee would quickly come to realize just how bad her ears are!”

Kathy Lee Gifford has been popping up on my television the past several months, informing listeners that she lost her “va va voom.” I’m not one to care about someone’s personal life. It seems the Hollywood crowd believes everyone wants to know their inner little secrets. My wife tells me that’s not what Kathy’s referring to.

Kathy Lee is 69 years old. I’m only a year younger and I’ve definitely lost my pizazz, plus a set of keys and a Cubs baseball cap. I’m smart enough to know, that a simple capsule full of powder is not going to fully restore my zest for living. Years of manual labor took a permanent toll on my body as it did to friends. My spine’s akin to a warped straw. Try fixing that with a pill!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Kathy Lee. She’s a woman of exemplary moral character and faith. The health aid that she pushes supposedly contains fruits, vegetables, and spices that are good for us. Those items, for me, are purchased solely at the grocery store or fruit stand. I don’t buy into the continual brainwashing that pills and capsules contain these same ingredients. Many folks do, as they did with snake oil remedies many years ago.

The strangest thing about Kathy’s commercial, is her implying that motorcycles make a, “Va va voom” sound. I’ve never heard one do that, and it’s definitely not a Harley-Davidson she’s talking about. When I hear Harley’s roaring up and down Hwy 95, they make more of a, “Rumpety rumpety rump.” Perhaps Kathy’s thinking of an older Singer sewing machine?

There’s another commercial oftentimes playing back-to-back with Kathy’s. In this one, a likable old codger, hearing impaired, glorifies the hearing aid he recently purchased. The fellow can finally hear his son say, “I love you!”, yet doesn’t tell him, just to have the young man constantly repeat those words.

The actor playing this part is Robert Shepherd. His life story is much like Kathy Lee Gifford’s. Hardships that were eventually overcome, along with not giving in to ways of the world, and he still became successful in his acting career.

I’m not sure Ms. Gifford knows Mr. Shepherd, but I’m guessing they do. God has a way of bringing similar people together.

If Kathy actually believes that motorcycles go, “Va Va Voom,” Robert could definitely help her by lending the woman his hearing device. My bet is she’s ashamed to admit that one’s needed. Seniors can be this way and I’m a perfect example.

After wearing it for a few minutes, Kathy Lee would quickly come to realize just how bad her ears are. I found out the same many years ago. My hearing aids are currently sitting in a toolbox where they have been for the past twenty years. No, they’re not for sale. One of these days I might decide to actually use them!

Author: michaeldexterhankins

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