“My ongoing resolution for over a decade is to stay healthy, upright, and out of the box.”

New Year’s Eve is here and gone, and I didn’t make a single “new” resolution. I quit doing so several years ago figuring it was a waste of time. My ongoing resolution for over a decade is to stay healthy, upright, and out of the box. Everything else seems second-fold, at least to me it does.

I just read a newspaper article written by an anonymous person dictating that my mindset is flawed. That could very well be because family and friends have echoed this for ages.

This unknown writer said that a Rush University study showed it’s healthy for seniors to have yearly goals, because they help offset Alzheimer’s. That’s a perfectly valid reason. I know several people who’ve gone through this terrible disease and they’re no longer here. They, along with their family, suffered immensely.

The article went on to state that seniors should set goals at eliminating clutter in their home. This is considered a safety move, because the older a person gets, the easier it is to take a tumble. Broken hips and pelvises are to be avoided, especially for Havasu’s “Over-The-Hill-Gang.” Most of them already know that. There are still a few crazies amongst the group doing dangerous things, like trying to lift heavy things without help.

Just what clutter to get rid of can be mindboggling. Never mind that some of my tools are no longer used. They must stay regardless! It’s borderline sacrilegious for a gearhead to dispose of his or her tools. Right now, I have both eyes pointed towards my wife’s clutter more than anything. So far, she’s resisted my advice on what needs to disappear.

Another senior resolution brought up in this column is to get all medical stuff in proper order. Evidently, that means having a current list of all the medications you take, including a file for Medicare, insurance, and other papers. I’m not the most organized person in that area, sometimes not giving a rip on what’s inside those countless letter’s seniors receive, spewing unwanted healthcare advice. As long as my pharmacy gives me pills without hassle, I’m a happy camper.

Making new social contacts is also on this person’s recommendation list. Reconnecting with old friends is one of the items mentioned. Mark that one off my list because I started doing such years back. I located former friends all the way back to elementary school, including first-grade teacher, Mrs. Doris Harris.

For the most part, I wholeheartedly agree with what this article said. A couple of things mentioned I’ll start doing. I didn’t need to make any senior resolutions this year, because someone else made them for me!

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