“I’ll never disclose who is who, but if you think a portion relates to you, then it’s probably true.”

Movin’ on…

I’m pretty much done with all that I can do with my new book, The Last Christmas Card, now having moved on to another. The publisher in conjunction with a publicist totally takes over at this point in trying to sell it with me having fulfilled my obligation.

In another blog article, I mentioned some of the events within this book as “somewhat” actual occurrences although not on the same exact level as written. What wasn’t mentioned is that bits & pieces of my friends, going way back, are also included in an extremely subtle manner.

When my brother first proofread things he made mention of that although I hadn’t said a word to him. There’s a disclaimer at the front of the book that has to be there to protect the publisher and myself from any liability. Most fiction works have them. Some friends that read The Last Christmas Card will probably take notice of something and say,

“I believe that could be me doing that!”

I’ll never disclose who is who, but if you think a portion relates to you, then it’s probably true.

I started this project in 2009 and stopped before it was complete finding the ending much too hard to compose. My wife came across the unfinished manuscript a little over a year ago, and after reading a few paragraphs, asked that I please finish it.

This book was designed to be read in two hours; highly condensed writing much like a poem. It could’ve been ten times as long but the overall story would still remain the same.

Once finished, I took time to set back and enjoy it – glad that Joleen pushed me to complete the mission. The ending that I was looking for came to me one night along with the town where I wanted things to occur, Council Grove, Kansas. That’s how it often seems to go, thus, I sleep with a notebook close by so when that happens, I can groggily get up and jot things down. So many times I didn’t and the thought was lost.

This is my first fiction Novella as it’s called. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I did putting the story together!

The End

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