Color Me Gone

I didn’t coin the phrase!

Roger Lindamood “Color Me Gone” Dodge Charger funny car.

I suppose every person has a favorite phrase, saying, or even single word they like to use over and over.

My mom often vocalized the word jeepers to explain surprise at something she didn’t know.

She’d also say, “A little birdy told me!”, to inform me or my brother how she knew we’d been up to mischief.

Dad would never fail to shout, “Bend over!”, when he found out.

At one time my pal Rod Sanborn used the single word bodacious to explain he was pleased. I believe he stopped using such after the 70’s.

My best friend Jeff Thimsen whispers, “Ohio”, to certain male friends, indicating he wants them to look at something without being obvious.

Fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Drake, informed her class she didn’t want any malarkey out of them. I believe that was a politically correct name for another word, yet I can’t prove such.

Of course the late actor and comedian Rodney Dangerfield wore out his famous line,

“I get no respect!”

I have to wonder if Dangerfield actually said that to people in real life? Had he moaned such to Mrs. Drake, the malarkey word would’ve been on her tongue like saliva.

I can’t think of any strange words or sayings that I use other than one,

“Color me gone!”

I didn’t coin the phrase! It came to me in the 1960’s after I started reading car magazines. Roger Lindamood owned a Dodge Charger funny car called, “Color Me Gone”. It was featured in almost every issue of Hot Rod Magazine. For some strange reason the racecar name stuck in my brain.

When I use such an expression only certain people know what I’m talking about. They realize I’m about to slide out of whatever it is I’m involved with.

If there’s more than 10 people at a function I become jittery. I’ll walk up to my wife at these events, even if others are around, and whisper those 3 words. Joleen knows I’m heading out the door yet those around her haven’t a clue.

I say the phrase to myself as well. Last time I did so was at a car dealership in Colorado Springs. A salesman kept badgering me without hesitation. Telling him I needed to use the restroom, under my breath I softly sighed,

“Color me gone!”

I suppose it seems strange to some that I write about this triviality. You are most correct. There is a purpose for the madness. One of these days my grandchildren will read this composition. My wish is for at least one of them to carry on Grandpas tradition.

Perhaps at some public gathering an obnoxious man will stroll up to them talking trash. Thinking back to dear old granddad a grin will suddenly appear. At that point they’ll look at the guy and politely say,

“Color me gone!”

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