“Hey man, it’s about freedom!”

Spring breakers ignore Florida social distancing rules.

Since Covid-19 came along I’ve become more of a people watcher than ever before. I’ve noticed that a selfish nature in some people is running more rampant than the Kung-flu. This egotistical haughtiness surfaced faster than an enemy submarine. I sincerely believe all about me people view the world as revolving around them.

My wife had to have blood drawn the other day. I sat outside the lobotomy lab in our car while she went in. A sign on the door advised people to follow CDC guidelines which include wearing a mask. For the most part everyone did including Joleen.

A Jeep with out-of-state (not California) plates rolled up and a young lady wearing no safety protection stepped out. Into the building she strolled with purse in one hand and cell phone in the other.

When Joleen returned I asked her about that. She said that the woman was advised to put a mask on yet refused. An employee told my wife that people have become belligerent over such. Her company wasn’t pressing the issue. A simple sign on their front door proclaiming: No Mask – No Service would’ve solved the problem.

I see such at supermarkets. Most all grocery employees in Lake Havasu City wear masks and gloves. These same all about me folks much like that gal at the blood lab saunter in void of PPE (personal protection equipment). In their way of seeing things they aren’t going to get the crud. Clueless as they are, these folks don’t think for a second that they could be asymptomatic, and are spreading the virus to those around them.

When spring breakers invaded Florida beaches they were basically ordered to practice social distancing. That went over like sour milk. Eventually, the Florida governor closed all beaches but not before several students came down with coronavirus. They took it back home infecting innocent people along the way. When one partygoer was interviewed and asked why he defied rules, his answer was curt,

“Hey man, it’s about freedom!”

I would’ve loved to been there. My heckle from the sidelines would be just as short and cute,

“No man, it’s all about you!”

That might’ve started a physical confrontation. At my age, such confrontations are best to avoid although there’s nothing wrong with a literal one. In a literal confrontation you don’t have to dodge fists, but you do have to duck obscenity-laced hand grenades. That’s where thick skin comes in handy.

I’ve yet to have someone toss that freedom word my direction when discussing Covid-19. With so many people having a care-free and lackadaisical attitude about the flu, I’m sure it’ll ultimately happen. When that day comes I have a polite response already on tap,

“Your freedom? Yea, tell me about it should you tragically end up hooked to tubes and wires stuck inside a hospital ventilator machine!”

I highly doubt such an individual would get the message!

We’ve all met one of these people

Author: michaeldexterhankins

ordinary average guy

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