“I doubt most folks knew what they were doing to the poor animals inside.”

Western Arizona Humane Society – 2610 Sweetwater – Lake Havasu City, Arizona

I love fireworks as much as anyone. The vivid,splintering -colors and booming explosions are mind numbing. There is a place for such activities though, and it’s not directly around the new Western Arizona Humane Society (WAHS) building.

I live a block away from this beautiful facility. Not once have I heard an animal bark or cry from that direction until several nights ago (July 4th). Illegal fireworks were being set off next to the structure in a vacant field, including all around the area. Many people took part with a good many driving to the area.

I doubt most folks knew what they were doing to the poor animals inside. Across Highway 95, on Maricopa, “commercial grade’ fireworks were exploding high overhead. This went on for several hours. The concussions were loud enough to rattle home windows. Stepping outside, and walking over to the shelter, I could hear dogs barking and howling out of mortified fear through the thick, well-insulated walls.

Thankfully, a L.H.P.D. officer stopped by and informed people in the dirt lot about this situation. The group was kind enough to move their festivities farther down the street. Not so with those on Maricopa, Osborn, Sweetwater, including other side streets. The last explosion was at 2:05 a.m. I know, because I was up tending to my own dog.

Next year, hopefully there’s a concentrated effort to curb firework displays close to the Western Arizona Humane Society building. I’m sure WAHS Director Patty Gilmore would be appreciative, and I know without doubt the animals inside that place would be as well. They are unable to speak out so I’m doing it for them. Please do it for “Boomer” and the rest of his furry pals.

Thank you!

Author: michaeldexterhankins

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