“Teachers did not warn us, those ills will not improve!”

Unidentified man singing the senior time blues

Senior Time Blues

I’m pushin’ 70.

Warped mind say’s 25.

Eyes are losin’ vision.

Friends says my brain is fried.

Colon does not work right.

Doc said to eat some prunes.

Even with a mouth full.

I’m stuck in the bathroom.

Tried some citric acid.

To help my food digest.

Now I have an ulcer.

Poor stomach is a mess.

Read where homo’pathic.

The safest way to go.

Loads of beans and cabbage,

Will force my junk to flow.

Methane gas like crazy.

I’m ready to explode.

Please don’t bring a candle,

Around this pink commode.

There are others like me,

Singin’ senior time blues.

Teachers did not warn us,

Those ills will not improve!

Author: michaeldexterhankins

ordinary average guy

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