“Late at night things cooled off to the point where you needed a thick quilt to snuggle under. Grandma always made sure my brother and I had two.”

Simple cabin

I’m ready for simplicity. Exactly where to find it is daunting? My Grandma & Grandpa Hankins were successful in living a simple life. They didn’t own a television or phone.

Grandpa & Grandma lived on top of a hill in Vernon, Alabama. A man named Joe Lee rented the drafty old place to them for a song. The wood structure was heated by a stone fireplace. Either wood or coal was burned to produce heat. Most of this went up the chimney.

Late at night things cooled off to the point where you needed a thick quilt to snuggle under. Grandma always made sure my brother and I had two.

There was an outhouse located near thick woods about 50-feet from the door. I’d never use it at night preferring a porcelain bucket instead. I stayed with them many times. Life was good back then!

There was a time when fancy and expensive things owned by other people impressed me. Not so much anymore. From what dad told me, my grandparents were content in not keeping up with the Jones’s. He didn’t use those exact words. Thankfully, I’ve never seen fit to compete with others in financial areas. I would’ve lost before the game began. Far as I know, no first place trophy has ever been handed out.

Mom often told me that money burned holes in my pockets. I didn’t understand her reasoning until my 30’s. My philosophy back then: Money’s meant to be spent! I didn’t understand the principle of saving for a rainy day. I do now having experienced hard times.

Grandma and Grandpa weren’t wealthy. They made do with what Grandpa earned as a painter and wallpaper installer. I remember the trunk of his 1938 Chevrolet having a chalk line inside, brushes, cleaning solvent, along with other painting utensils and knives. I also recall that dull-black Chevy having no brakes. He’d put it in low-gear going down the steep hill to slow things down. Mom would never let me ride with Grandpa during these times for reasons only a mother can explain.

These days my wife and I are on a mission to downsize. That means selling off or giving away junk no longer needed. We’ve both settled on a little town in Kansas called Alta Vista to call home; at least for 6 months out of the year. Arizona will suffice during winter. Both of us hate cold with a passion.

I don’t own a smartphone or a cellphone. Fancy restaurants aren’t appealing to me, other than perhaps for special occasions. Fast-food is fine for date night. I love piddling around in the garage even if it means nothing accomplished. Televisions are only needed when hockey or Supercross is on. A good book is entertainment enough. Time spent with my pets and wife is more than satisfying. Some of the above might not apply to her. I best not ask.

Looking back to where I’ve been, and where I’m at now, perhaps I found simplicity and didn’t even know it!

Simplicity with a 65″ flat screen TV

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