“Fortunately, I recognized his brain disorder right away and didn’t follow suit. The misinformed guy eventually met his demise doing exactly what he preached.”

Rolling the dice on life

I’ve been on this planet long enough to recognize an armchair expert after only a few minutes of conversation. These are the guys and gals believing they possess intelligence levels equivalent to Albert Einstein; perhaps higher. Know-it-all is a politically-correct term used to describe this less than intelligent bunch.

Where sport’s unintelligence is concerned, armchair quarterback is the buzz word. This group is harmless compared to the other.

An armchair expert told me years ago that wearing a helmet was dangerous while riding a motorcycle. I’ve often heard bikers say that.

“You can’t hear with a helmet on!”, one fool told me. This guy couldn’t hear with his helmet off. He liked to sit up front at rock concerts.

Fortunately, I recognized his brain disorder right away and didn’t follow suit. The misinformed guy eventually met his demise doing exactly what he preached.

“Smoking will never hurt me!”

It’s rare to hear that anymore. Back in the day though, armchair experts mentioned it quite often. Sadly, the big C claimed a good majority of them.

“I don’t wear a seatbelt because they’re so constraining!”

I read a story where an armchair expert claimed their friend would’ve lived had she not been wearing a seatbelt. I’ve read numerous stories where lives were saved by vehicle occupants wearing them.

The latest craze where armchair quarterbacking is concerned revolves around misinformation on Covid 19. I’ve had so many people give me erroneous advice that my head spins. If you don’t have Dr. in front of your name, please, your opinion means little or nothing.

My doctors still advise me to wear a mask when I go out in public. It’s no biggie to me. Been doing it for over a year now. These medical professionals also suggest that I sanitize my hands afterwards. If Rob, the car mechanic, claims that masks are a joke, I’ll look at him just like I do folks saying not to wear helmets while riding a bicycle or motorcycle.

“Fool!”, I’ll think, but not say.

The internet’s full of misleading information on every subject. Conspiracy theories are lying around like trash outside a convenience store.

I’ll make my decisions on Covid 19 prevention based on what qualified professionals say. Most politician’s opinions do not count here. I have about as much faith in their analysis of things as I do Rob, the mechanic’s.

The man upstairs has my full attention. God is the leading expert on this subject. Right now he’s telling me to use my brain, and not rely on flawed advice coming from armchair experts!

A picture says 1000 words

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