The Tooth Fairy

I was chided after telling another parent my kids believed in such.

Water color of “The Tooth Fairy” by Eden.

I made an emergency trip to the dentist last week. A crown was loose and needed immediate repair.  My dentist glued the porcelain cap back on and the wisdom tooth was good to go.

That set me back a few bucks even with insurance. On the way home I thought back to those simplistic days of “The Tooth Fairy”. As kids, whenever my brother or I lost a tooth, we’d put it under our pillow before going to bed. Next morning the tooth would be gone with money replacing it.

I didn’t mind losing teeth back then. It paid dividends. These days doing so would leave holes in my gums. Thankfully I haven’t had any yanked.

I remember one occasion when I woke up to pennies and nickels under my pillow. The bloody tooth was still there wrapped in Kleenex. Evidently I’d started to wake and mom cut short her fairy gig. I tried cashing in again the next night to no avail.

Back in the day most of my fairy loot went towards candy and pop. I’m sure most dental hygienists would say that wasn’t smart use of the funds.

When my children were young they believed in “The Tooth Fairy”. It took finesse to slide change under their pillows without waking them.

I was chided after telling another parent my kids believed in such. This person thought it just horrible. She had 2 children and I suppose they were perfect.

I told her “The Tooth Fairy” shouldn’t be of much concern, nor should Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. The creatures this mother should worry about were The Drug Pusher, The Pedophile, and devilish ghouls working within the educational system instructing students there is no God.

I’m still acting as “The Tooth Fairy”. My dentist now receives all my fairy loot instead of the kids. When I departed his dental chair I left behind more than spare change. Others do the same on a daily basis.

One thing’s for sure. My dentist collects far more cash than that needed for candy and pop.

A brand new BMW in his parking spot is evidence of such!

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